Computer Hardware Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF

1. How many pins does a SIMM have?
2. The various cards in a PC requires  _______ voltage to function.
3. What type of hard disk formatting creates FAT (File Allocation Table) ?
4. What is the name of the printed circuit board?
5. Which Component of pc maintains data and time
6. IRQ 1 is commonly assigned to:
7. LCD monitor is also known as___________.
8. How can you tell that a particular ribbon cable should only be used to connect a floppy drive?
9. Data stored in a ROM cannot be changed by user of a computer?
10. Is the data in a RAM stored on a permanent or temporary basis
11. Winchester drive is also called:
12. TO write, erase, rewrite data on a CD RAM what type of  CD ROM you should use?
13. A byte is equivalent to...?
14. SMPS stands for:
15. Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard expansion slot?
16. Which IRQ does LPT1 commonly use?
17. How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold?
18. What is the name of the spec for the holes in a monitor's aperture grill?
19. Which is the best hard disk seek time?
20. Fragmentation of data on computer hard disk causes it to work faster than before?
21. What is the name of the card that controls read,write head and motor in the hard disk
22. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the power to the system is turned off?
23. Acronym of HDD?
24. A program written using binary codes is called:
25. How many bytes a sector of hard disk holds?
26. To be bootable a DOS partition must be:
27. What does FDISK do?
28. What kind of connectors are used to connect a PC power supply to a hard drive?
29. Acronym of FDD?
30. Which of the following is NOT a type of computer hard drive?
31. What type of memory is a PEN drive...?
32. What type of connector is used to plug a telephone line into a modem?
33. What is BIOS an acronym for?
34. What does the acronym bits stand for?
35. What is the data transfer rate for USB 2.0?
36. Which IRQ does the system timer commonly use?
37. What piece of hardware do EIDE cables connect to?
38. How many pins does a DIMM have?
39. Which IRQ does COM1 commonly use?
40. Which frequency is a SDRAM clock speed?
41. Which component in a pc maintains color depth and screen resolution of a monitor?
42. Today's PC use what type of RAM..?
43. When plugging the P8 and P9 power connectors into the system board, which of the following is true?
44. Which IRQ does the hard disk controller commonly use?
45. IRQ 6 is commonly assigned to:
46. Which of the following is NOT a type of RAM?
47. Which do you use to comment out a line in the autoexeC.bat file?
48. Which device you should use to prevent the effect of power fluctuation in the power supply on your computer and works for a specific period of time even there is no power?
49. Portable Pen Drive connects to the________port of computer
50. What does the term "wave table synthesis" relate to?
51. What is different between AT and ATX power supplies?
52. Which has  more storage capacity CD or DVD
53. With reference to a CPU, What MIPS means?
54. Hard Disk, DVD, CD-ROM are the examples What type of Memory?
55.  Which of the following conditions most increases the likelihood that ESD will occur?
56. Parity is:
57. What are the four key functions of a computer system?
58. UPS stands for:
59. Which is a PCI bus speed?
60. Which is the best choice for a specification for a video card?
61. The Concentric circles on the platter of hard disk are known as______