SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers for freshers PDF free download

 SAP Basics

1.     What is 'SAP'?   
2.     Tell me more about (the history of) SAP.
3.     What are all the 'Solutions' currently available from SAP?
4.     What are all the components of 'SAP ERF Solution?   
5.     What is the significance of 'SAP NetWeaver' platform?
6.     What are all the components of 'NetWeaver'?
7.     What are all the components of 'SAP Business Suite'?
8.     What are all the recent Releases in 'SAP R/3' Solution?
9.     What are all the 'Industry Solutions' (IS) from SAP?
10.   What is 'SAP xApps'?

   Project Implementation

1.      What is 'ASAP'?
2.      Explain 'ASAP Roadmap' phases.
3.      List the tools for the 'Project Preparation Phase' of 'ASAP'.   
4.      List the tools for 'Business Case Development' in 'ASAP'.
5.      List the tools for 'Project Management and Methodology' in 'ASAP'.
6.      When you will use the 'ASAP BPML' tool?   
7.      Explain 'Hardware' sizing for a SAP implementation.
8.      Explain 'ASAP BPML'.   
9.      What is 'BPP' in ASAP?   
10.    Explain 'C-Maps'.   
11.    What is the advantage of SAP's 'Smart Implementations'?
12.    What is 'SAP Solution Architect'?   
13.    What is 'Configuration' in SAP?   
14.    Explain various 'Types' of IMGs.
15.    What are all the various ways of 'Customizing'?   
16.    Why 'IMG' route of customizing is easier than the 'Tables' route?           
17.    What is known as 'Going-Live Check'?
18.    When to conduct 'Business Process Re-engineering' (BPR)?

  Financial Accounting (FI)

1.   Explain 'Financial Accounting (FI)', in SAP.
2.   What are all the 'Sub-Modules' within FI?
3.   Name the sub-modules within FI, from where FI-GL gets simultaneous postings.
4.   Mention three distinct characteristics of FI-GL.
5.   What do you mean by 'Organizational Units' in SAP?
6.   What are the important 'Organizational Units' in FI, in SAP?
7.   What are the important 'Global Settings' for a Company Code?
8.   Can you assign more than one 'Company Code' to a 'Company'?
9.   Can you attach 'Business Area' to a Transaction, by not assigning the same in a posting?
10.  How to post Cross-company Code Business Area postings?
11.  What is a 'Chart of Accounts'?   
12.  What are all the major components of a 'Chart of Accounts'?
13.  What is an 'Operating Chart of Accounts'?
14.  How 'Group Chart of Accounts' differs from 'Operating Chart of Accounts'?
15.  What is a 'Country Chart of Accounts'? Why you need this?
16.  Can one 'Chart of Accounts' be assigned to several Company Codes?   
17.  How the system identifies a 'Posting Period'?
18.  What happens when you post to year 2006, when you are in 2007?
19.  What is a 'Posting Period Variant'?   
20.   Why it is not able to post to a customer a/c in a previously closed 'Period'?
21.   Can you open a 'Posting Period' only for a particular user?   
22.   What is a 'Special Period'? When you will use that?
23.   What can be the maximum number of 'Posting Periods' in SAP?
24.  Tell me more about 'Shortened Fiscal Year'.
25.  How do you open a new 'Fiscal Year' in the system?
26.  How do you 'Carry-Forward' the account balances?
27.  Can you explain how 'Carry-Forward' happens SAP?
28.  Is there a pre-requisite for 'Carry-Forward' activity?
29.  How many 'Retained Earnings' a/c can be defined?   
30.  Can you have multiple 'Retained Earnings' a/cs?
31.  How do you maintain 'Currency' in SAP?
32.  What is a 'Local Currency'?
33.  What is a 'Parallel Currency'?
34.  What are all the pre-requisites for posting in a 'Foreign Currency'?
35.  How 'Exchange Rates' are maintained in SAP?
36.  What is known as 'Exchange Rate Spread'?
37.  Tell me about the 'Tax Reports' in SAP.   
38.  How 'Master Data' is different from 'Transaction Data'?   

  Controlling (CO)

1.      Explain 'Controlling (CO)' in SAP.
2.      What are the important 'Organizational Elements of CO'?
3.      What is a 'Controlling Area'? How it is related to Company Code?   
4.      What are all the 'Components of Controlling'?   
5.      What is 'Activity Based Costing'?
6.      What is ' Product Cost Controlling '?
7.      What is 'Profitability Analysis '?      
8.      What is a 'Cost Object'?   
9.      Differentiate 'Real' and 'Statistical Postings' in CO.   
10.    How do you define 'Number Ranges' in CO?
11.    What is a Cost Element'?       
12.    What is a 'Primary Cost Element'?       
13.    What is a 'Secondary Cost Element'?   
14.    What is a 'Cost Element Category'?   
15.    How to, automatically, create 'Cost Elements'?
16.    Define 'Cost Centre Accounting '.   
17.    What is a 'Cost Centre '?   
18.    Explain posting of costs to 'Cost Centres'.   
19.    What is an 'Activity Type'?   
20.    What is a 'Resource' in CO?