Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers pdf

0. What is a cloud?
1. Explain cloud computing? 
2. Tell your opinion about adoption of Cloud by operators around the world? 
3. Explain the benefits of cloud computing? 
4. Cloud computing can save money ? Explain. 
5. Describe cloud computing as concisely and simply as possible in layman language? 
6. Comment on the growth of online data? 
7. Why professional clouds are required in Cloud computing? 
8. Explain the role of performance cloud in cloud computing? 
9. Explain hybrid and community cloud.
10. Name the three basic clouds in cloud computing? 
11. Why Cloud is necessary? 
12. Explain the importance of cloud computing in IT? 
13. Explain benefits of cloud computing? 
14. How would you save your applications, softwares and drivers for a long term without using any magnetic disk? 
15. What can be done using cloud computing? 
16. Comment on its cost? 
17. Comment on cloud computing revolution? 
18. Mention about the top cloud applications now a days? 
19. 2011 is the year of the cloud computing . Comment. 
20. Comment on the security of cloud computing? 
21. Mention the basic Components of a Server Computer in cloud computing? 
22. What are the concerns prevailing around cloud computing? 
23. How can these concerns be addressed? 
24. What are the basic characteristics of cloud computing?
25. What is a Cloud Service?
26. What are main features of cloud services?
27. How many types of deployment models are used in cloud?
28. Why does an organization need to manage the workloads?
29. Which services are provided by Window Azure operating system?
30. What are the advantages of cloud services?
31. How does cloud computing provides on-demand functionality?
32. What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?
33. What are the different layers of cloud computing?
34. What resources are provided by infrastructure as a service?
35. How important is platform as a service?
36. What does software as a service provide?
37. What are the different deployment models?
38. What are the different datacenters deployed for this?
39. What is the use of API’s in cloud services?
40. What are the different modes of software as a service?
41. What is the security aspects provided with cloud?
42. What is the difference between traditional datacenters and cloud?
43. What are the three cost factors involves in cloud data center?
44. How the cloud services are measured?
45. What are the optimizing strategies used in cloud?
46. What are different data types used in cloud computing?
47. What are the security laws which take care of the data in the cloud?
48. What are some examples of large cloud providers and their databases?
49. What are some open source cloud computing platform databases?
50. What essential things a user should know before going for cloud computing platform?
51. What are system integrators?
52. What is the requirement of virtualization platforms in implementing cloud?
53. What is the use of eucalyptus in cloud computing environment?
54. Explain different layers which define cloud architecture?
55. How user will gain from utility computing?
56. Is there any difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?
57. How to secure your data for transport in cloud?
58. What do you understand from VPN?
59. What does a VPN consists of?
60. Name few platforms which are used for large scale cloud computing?