What is element entry ? what is the purpose of element entry ?

Element entry is to define element yet here enter that is Earning element or deduction element then calculate net pay.
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What are basic setups of oracle HRMS ?

In oracle HRMS there are so many modules like Core HR, Payroll, Self Service HR, Oracle learning management, iRecruitment, Time and Labour, Compensation Work bench, Oracle Advanced Benefits, Performance Management System etc., Core HR and System Administrator are the Heart of Oracle HRMS.
All basic set ups will do in Core HR with the help of System Administrator.
In system administrator we will create all the Users and Responsibilities, Flex fields, Profile values etc., In core HR we will create Organizations, Locations, Jobs, Positions, Grades, Organization Hierarchy, position Hierarchy, We will create all the employees also. These are the Basic setups in HRMS.

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What are list types ? | Oracle HRMS Interview Questions

List types are:
List of Values
Long list of Values
Pop list

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What are six validation types ?

Validation types:
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What are Two modes of date Track and what is date track ?

Date Track modes are:

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What are core flexfield ? | Oracle HRMS Interview Questions

Core flexfields are:
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Can we name certain DFFs (description flex filed) and their location ?

Yes we can name certain DFF's and their location.
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